Protecting Against Identity Theft: Victims’ Perspectives

Presented by Dylan Reynolds as a part of the 2020 Serene-risc Workshop on The State of Canadian Cybersecurity Conference: Human-Centric Cybersecurity

About the presentation

Rates of identity theft continue to increase in Canada, costing individual victims substantial amounts of money, time, and emotional stress. Drawing on ongoing interviews with victims of identity theft in Southern Ontario (current n = 15), this presentation discusses the way that victims think about identity theft risk, protection, and responsibility for its prevention. Further, this research addresses the impact of identity theft on victims, including security-related behavioral adjustments in identity theft’s aftermath. While some participants do not make significant behavioral changes after experiencing identity theft, others change their monitoring or spending routines, while some implement new security practices and programs. Understanding how victims of identity theft view the security of their identity information could help to inform security experts on how best to work with consumers to prevent identity theft.

About the speaker

Dylan Reynolds is a PhD Student in Sociology at the University of Guelph. He is a mixed methods researcher interested in perceptions of crime, both online and offline. His current research focuses on identity theft victims’ reporting decisions and experiences.