NSERC Funding of Research Partnerships in Cybersecurity

NSERC has been funding academic researchers in the area of cybersecurity for a long time. There have been a number of programs that have been used in the past to provide this financial support. At the present time investments are still strong especially in emerging areas like quantum cryptography where Canada has been shown to be a leader. Going forward, the opportunities to form research partnerships is evolving. There will be one flexible program that focuses on including a wider range of participants and will enhance opportunities to improve government and academic connections and will increase international collaborations.

The slides of the presentation are available here.

About the speaker

Pamela Moss has been Director of the Manufacturing, Communications and Technologies Division in the Research Partnerships (RP) Directorate at NSERC since 2010. She has been at NSERC since 2001 and has held several senior managerial positions in different areas at NSERC including Research Grants and Scholarships as the Director of Scholarships and Fellowships and the Networks of Centers of Excellence (NCE) Tri-council Directorate and as interim Vice President of RP for over 2 years. She has now returned to her Director position.

Pamela’s graduate work at McGill University was in Analytical Chemistry and helped launch a 20 year career as a chemist in research and development in  industry and working for the provincial government. This career path has given her the necessary background knowledge of the R&D landscape in Canada to be able to help facility research efforts in academia through NSERC’s funding opportunities.

Her main focus is establishing research partnerships involving academics in the manufacturing and ICT sector and a full range of multi-sectorial partners including for-profit companies, government departments, other funding bodies and non-profits. This has also led to establishing international partnerships under FP7 and Horizon 2020 with the European Union in aerospace and most recently a Germany- Canada partnership in Industry 4.0.