Stupid Pentester Tricks!

If it is stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid. Intrusion testing is seen as highly technical work but you can be highly successful by cheating and being creative. In this 30 minutes presentation, you will learn simply tricks to steal access cards, obtain high security keys, steal wifi credentials, improve your phishing skills, bypass access controls and much more, without any technical skills required.

The slides of the presentation are also available here.

About the speaker

Laurent is a team lead for GoSecure.  He has conducted over 200 pentesting and red team engagements over the span of 10 years and is still enthusiatic about it. Laurent is also a challenge designer for Northsec and has given talks to CQSI, NCFTA, HackFest, RSI, Montrehack, Owasp Montreal and Northsec. Besides security, Laurent is interested in Lockpicking, magic and pickpocketting.