The Cybersecurity Revolution Event

If we are going to realize the benefits of a globally consolidated communications system we, as a global community of researchers, are going to have to start truly working together to find a way that we can make the internet safe for everyone. This means that all of the researchers from different countries and different disciples working on aspects of cybersecurity need to start sharing.  The problem is that the many, many brilliant researchers are spread out across the world and it is very difficult and expensive to bring them together.  When we asked our partners and friends if they are willing to try something new to help over come this problem the answer was positively enthusiastic. Together we are going to make use of the growing power of online media platforms and their ability to broadcast live video and facilitate massive discussions. The goal of this effort is to provide a near zero cost opportunity for international collaboration and to road test a new format. On the 31st of May 2018 there will be a coordinated series of presentations from universities and organizations around the world that will follow the sun for over 24 hours. This round the clock round the world event will bring together researchers from across the globe for one revolution of the planet.

We would like to welcome all of the participants and the wider community to the Cybersecurity Revolution.

The Cybersecurity Revolution is an event conceived to openly encourage sharing and interaction among the wider cybersecurity research community. It is an event focused around research, education, science and learning. For more information and an updated program and links please visit:

A great big thanks to all of our members, partners and friends whom have helped us organize this event.

The program outline is below. The program is divided into sessions with multiple speakers in each session.  The start and finish times for each session are indicated on the first line of each session. Please follow along at

Organisation URL Start (UTC) Finish (UTC) Speakers Topic
The CyberAcademy at Napier University 8:00 16:00 see Workshop Program Cybersecurity and Big Data
Prof Madjid Merabti IoT: Safety and Security of Human Digital Memories
Mark Baker and Adam Brady LogRythm
Harry McClaren Using DevOps Practices to Implement a Full Route-to-Live for SIEM Platforms
Dr Jamie Graves AI and Security: Threats and Opportunities
Mark Menzies AI and Cybersecurity
see Complete Workshop Program at
Cybersecurity Research Centre, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 9:00 12:00 Dr. Amit Rechavi The Secondary Global Market for Hacked Data
Michael Wolfowicz Cyber-radicalization: Challenges and solutions
Eitan Diamond ‘Big Data’ and the implementation of the law of armed conflict
Dr. David Maimon Environmental Cues and their Impact on Public Wi-Fi Users’ Privacy Behaviors
Cardiff University 11:30 12:30 Michael Levi
Pete Burnap
Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the University of New Brunswick 14:00 16:00 Arash Habibi Lashkari Cyber Security Data Repository
Marzieh Jalalabadi
VU/NSCR/the Hague 13:00 15:00 Marco Romagna Hacktivism and Website Defacements Raoul Notté Ma MSc SME’s and cybersecurity Dr. Rutger Leukfeldt Cybercriminal networks Dr. Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg Cybercriminals compared to traditional criminals Lukas Norbutas MSc Trust in cryptomarkets for illegal drugs
Université de Montréal 15:00 18:00
Benoît Dupont Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity Research Program
Shirley McKey Smart Cybersecurity Networks
David Decary-Hetu Darknet and the Darknet and Anonymity Research Center
Rasmus Munksgaard Insights from qualitative research on darkweb drug sellers
Concordia University Jeremy Clark Bitcoin & Blockchain: Landscape and Future Directions
Mahsa Moosavi Ghazal: toward truly authoritative certificates for secure web browsing using Ethereum
Shayan Eskandari Cryptojacking: unmindful cryptocurrency mining while surfing the Internet
Seneca College, Knowledge Flow Foundation and Datarisk Canada 17:00 17:45 Claudiu Popa Cybersecurity Research in the Private Sector: Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons Learned
L’Université du Québec à Montréal 18:00 19:00 Sébastien Gambs Privacy and Ethical Issues in Big Data: Current Trends and Future Challenges
Universidad EAN 19:00 21:00 Ciberseguridad y los negocios Panel Format, Each Speaker will present for 15 minutes on the subject of Cyberscurity and Business before responding to questions and discussing the theme (In Spanish)
National Police Mayor Marlon Toro
Jeimy Cano, PhD CFE
Juan Mario Posada
Alberta Council of Technologies 21:00 23:00
DKS DATA Consulting Group David Dickson Introduction and Closing: Cybersecurity and Privacy – It’s a partnership, not a competition.
University of Calgary/ Redigo Advanced Systems Inc Vassil Dimitrov Loading the bases – the development of the multiple-base number representation with applications in digital signal processing and cryptography
Centre for Crime Policy and Research – Flinders University 22:30 0:30 Russell Brewer
Deakin 23:00 2:00 Chad Whelan
Monash Lennon Chang Strengthening Cyber capacity and raising cyber security awareness in Asia
Australian National University Roger Bradbury
Session 2 (Upload of Pre-recorded content) 2:30 4:00
Swinburne University James Martin
Australian National University Rod Broadhurst
Hallym University 4:00 7:00 Joshua James
Yohannes Yemane Recommended Android mobile app security implementation considerations and practices
Jiyoon Ham Censorship of North Korean Content in South Korea
Ajayi Betty Bukola The Local Perspective of Cybercrime in Nigeria
Addisu Afework Birhanu Digital Forensic Investigation of the Cloudflare Argo Tunnel
Subong Jang Malicious Content Blocklists in South Korea
Jaeseung Jang Legal Issues on Artificial Intelligence and Robots in South Korea
Minjin Park Kakao Talk Jail: Technology-supported social outcasts
David Kim A study on the Phases of Cyberwarfare and Countermeasures
Nikolay Akatyev Three years of Cyber Peacekeeping
Jisoo Kang Questions on injectable (implantable) IoT devices
Université de Lausanne 7:00 9:00 Olivier Ribaux ESC Introduction
Quentin Rossy Online Illicit Markets and Internet Traces
Damien Rumorbarbe Monitoring Psyochactive Substances Forums
Ludovic Staehli Ordering Cocaine on the Internet
Sara Aniello Online Stolen Goods Market
Jonathan Bourquenoud Detecting Relationships between Internet Sites
Tim Bollé Detecting Links among Online Frauds
Stefano Caneppele Internet of Things and Cybercrime
Eoghan Casey Digital forensic
Olivier Delémont Image: the Advent of a Witness Like no Other