RBC + University of Waterloo Cybersec Lab

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is opening a cyber security lab and investing $1.78 million into research at the University of Waterloo to develop advanced cybersecurity and privacy tools.

The funding will support research in the following areas;

  • Data-driven software defined security, led by Raouf Boutaba, will focus on detecting and mitigating security threats using machine learning and AI.
  • Privacy enhancing technologies, led by Ian Goldberg, will focus on the safety and security of consumer metadata, including identity and location.
  • Post-quantum cryptography, led by David Jao, will focus on a unique blend of pure mathematics and computer science that produces a data encryption so strong that quantum computers cannot crack it.

CryptoWorks21, an enhanced education program focused on post-quantum cryptosystems is also included in the support. Led by Waterloo’s Michele Mosca, RBC will also sponsor the CryptoWorks Industry Day, a graduate student scholarship, a thesis prize, and support for professional teaching.