Ryan Duquette – Law Enforcement Challenges in investigating cybercrimes

Presented at the SERENE-RISC Workshop, 2017 October

Instances of cybercrime are now a daily occurrence and many of these attacks affect us all. The threat landscape is constantly changing and evolving and the threat actors are no longer “hackers” lurking in the shadows.  Cyber-attacks have been shown to cause mass disruption, widespread panic, and in some cases, have resulted in various telecommunications other critical infrastructure essential services going “off-line”.  Frequently, cyber-attacks result in subsequent crimes being committed such as identify theft or other fraudulent activity.  Many Law Enforcement agencies are not well equipped to deal with these types of cybercrimes and need to understand that dealing with these types of cyber threats in isolation is often not sufficient. Collaboration and public/private partnerships, as well as continued funding for research and training are just some of the ways that Law Enforcement agencies can overcome the various challenges to this ever-growing threat.

About the speaker

Ryan Duquette is passionate about digital forensics and with helping keep others from being victimized. He’s a seasoned digital forensic examiner with many years of experience in law enforcement and the private sector. He took his zest for “focusing on the facts” from his days in Law Enforcement and founded Hexigent Consulting, a firm focusing on digital investigations, cyber security consulting services and litigation support. Ryan works closely with clients involved in workplace investigations and civil litigation matters including intellectual property theft, HR investigation and data breaches. During his days in Law Enforcement, he conducted digital investigations on a variety of criminal cases including homicide, child pornography, fraud, missing persons, and sexual assault cases.  He is a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto teaching digital forensics, and holds a Master of Science degree in Digital Forensics Management, and several digital forensics and fraud certifications. Ryan is a Director for the Toronto chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, has been qualified as an “expert witness” on numerous occasions, and is a frequent presenter at fraud, digital forensics, cybersecurity and investigative conferences worldwide.



20 Minutes.