Sébastian Gambs – Cooperation of cybersecurity in France

Presented at the SERENE-RISC Spring Workshop 2016.

Fighting cybercrime and IT related crime has always been a question of cooperation, with the industry on one side mostly due to the needs of the investigators looking for trace evidence in networks, and with academia on the other side, when looking for appropriate training for law enforcement personnel. After more than 30 years of this fight, cooperation has become even more important, with an ever-increasing number of victims and losses, but also because of the higher implication of the private sector. In particular, cyber incident response and digital investigations use the same methods and the same tools, need the same training and the same research. In France, this cooperation has gone through various stages and still needs to improve and find new ways to make progress against the common target: cybercrime. This cooperation is visible thanks to initiatives such as CECyF – the French cybercrime centre of excellence – or the PEC (a similar project related to cyberdefense), but also thanks to day to day collaboration of teams who have learned to trust each other, as well as at a larger scale with European (2CENTRE and SENTER projects) and worldwide partners. The presentation will review the recent initiatives in France on cybersecurity at the governmental, industrial and academic levels.