Cybersecurity Answers with Stephanie Perrin 1/4

We all have questions, but who are the people with the answers for Cybersecurity. In this series we sat down with academics and experts to ask them about how they got started, what they are researching now, their lessons for us and the future.

In this first episode of our series with Stephanie Perrin, we will learn more about how she started her career in privacy.

Stephanie Perrin established Digital Discretion in 2003, producing reports on matters ranging from identity theft to RFID, conducting risk assessments and training sessions, and developing privacy impact assessments and audits. 

She has worked for most of her career in information and privacy issues, having started in 1984 as one of the first federal Access to Information and Privacy Coordinators at the then Department of Communications. In 2005, she returned to the federal government as Director of Policy and Research at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, before moving to Service Canada as a Director of Risk Management Policy. Now retired from the Canadian public service, she has re-launched Digital Discretion as a top-tier privacy and transparency consulting firm.