Digital Campaign Threats in Canada: Party Responses in an Age of Disinformation

This presentation reported on results from the examination of interference using disinformation through digital platforms. Its methods relied on media monitoring (both traditional media and social media) and interviews with party strategists.

The aim was to detail the main instances of disinformation and other digital threats, and to analyze how each of the major parties responded to combat them (such as through a party news release, a Twitter counter-attack, a party ad, employing social media influencers, discussing the incident with journalists, and so on). The analysis included an assessment of the effectiveness of these party/leader responses and how these methods might be improved for future elections.

About the speaker:

Anna Lennox Esselment is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo. She is co-editor of Permanent Campaigning in Canada (UBC Press, 2017) and publishes in the fields of campaigns and elections, political marketing, political parties, partisanship, and federalism.

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