Beyond Reputation: An analysis of the antecedents of trust in illicit online markets

Problems of trust haunt illicit markets, online ones even more so: Actors are pseudonymous, legal institutions are absent, and predation is ripe. Scholars have proposed that problems of trust are solved by reputation systems (i.e. ratings), social ties and centralized administration. This presentation examines the association between competing sources of trust, administrative approval, reputation systems and social ties, and the risk buyers subject themselves to across two illicit online markets.


About the speaker:

Rasmus Munksgaard is a PhD student in criminology at the Université de Montréal with master’s degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen. Rasmus has studied illicit online markets for drugs since 2014, published several peer-reviewed articles on the subject, collected and analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data. Currently, Rasmus’ research agenda centers on the antecedents of trust and social order in illicit online markets.