Latest publications from our co-investigator

Here are the latest scientific publications our co-investigators:



C Boyd, A Mathuria, D. Stebila: Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment, Second Edition, Information Security and Cryptography. Springer, 2019. In press.

Blayne Haggart, Kathryn Henne, N. Tusikov: Information, Technology and Control in a Changing WorldUnderstanding Power Structures in the 21st Century

Book chapters

Barry Cartwright, George RS Weir, R. Frank: Cyberterrorism in the Cloud

Scientific articles

S Eskandari, S Moosavi, J. Clark: SoK: Transparent Dishonesty: front-running attacks on Blockchain

B Afify, S Ray,A Soeanu, A Awasthi, M. Debbabi, M Allouche: Evolutionary learning algorithm for reliable facility location under disruption

J Cunliffe, D. Décary-Hétu, T A. Pollak: Nonmedical prescription psychiatric drug use and the darknet: A cryptomarket analysis

V Barrera, A Malm, D. Décary-Hétu, R Munksgaard: Size and scope of the tobacco trade on the darkweb

J Curzon, A Almehmadi, K. El-Khatib: A survey of privacy enhancing technologies for smart cities

F. Fortin, S Paquette, S & Leclerc, C.: The effect of child sexual exploitation images collection size on offender

F. Fortin, J Proulx: Sexual interests of child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) consumers: four patterns of severity over time

SA Alkhodair, SHH Ding, B. C.M. Fung, J Liu: Detecting breaking news rumors of emerging topics in social media

M Gil, R El Sherif, M Pluye, B. C.M. Fung, R Grad, P Pluye: Towards a Knowledge-based Recommender System for Linking Electronic Patient Records with Continuing Medical Education Information at the Point of Care

F Iqbal, J Maqbool, B. C.M. Fung, R Batool, AM Khattak, S Aleem, P CK Hung: A Hybrid Framework for Sentiment Analysis using Genetic Algorithm based Feature Reduction

F Iqbal, B. C.M. Fung, M. Debbabi, R Batool, A Marrington: WordNet-based Criminal Networks Mining for Cybercrime Investigation

SHH Ding, B. C.M. Fung, P Charland: Asm2Vec: Boosting Static Representation Robustness for Binary Clone Search against Code Obfuscation and Compiler Optimization

K Yin, D Qian, WK Cheung, B. C.M. Fung, J Poon: Learning Phenotypes and Dynamic Patient Representations via RNN Regularized Collective Non-negative Tensor Factorization

U Aïvodji, H Arai, O Fortineau, S. Gambs, S Hara, A Tapp: Fairwashing: the risk of rationalization

H. A. Garnett:

T. J. Holt, M Stonhouse, J Freilich, SM Chermak: Examining Ideologically Motivated Cyberattacks Performed by Far-Left Groups

T. J. Holt, JR Lee, R Liggett, KM Holt, A Bossler: Examining Perceptions of Online Harassment among Constables in England and Wales

D Hofman, V. L. Lemieux, A Joo, DA Batista : “The margin between the edge of the world and infinite possibility” Blockchain, GDPR and information governance

A Stambouli, L. Logrippo: Data flow analysis from capability lists, with application to RBAC

D Sattar, A. Matrawy: Towards Secure Slicing: Using Slice Isolation to Mitigate DDoS Attacks on 5G Core Network Slices

S Raeisi, M Kieferová, M. Mosca: Novel Technique for Robust Optimal Algorithmic Cooling

V Gheorghiu, M. Mosca: Quantum cryptanalysis of symmetric, public-key and hash-based cryptographic schemes

DC Le, N. Zincir-Heywood, MI Heywood: Unsupervised Monitoring of Network and Service Behaviour Using Self Organizing Maps

V Kalgutkar, R Kaur, H Gonzalez, N. Stakhanova: Code Authorship Attribution: Methods and Challenges