Bitcoin, the Gateway Virtual Currency?

Presented by Aaron Gilkes at the SERENE-RISC workshop 2017, April.

Is Bitcoin (BTC) a gateway virtual currency? Will using BTC lead to more sinister or otherwise naughty behaviour online? There seems to be four prevailing groups of BTC users : Technology enthusiasts, Libertarians, Speculators and Criminals. I will be focusing on Law Enforcement’s experiences with BTC as well as the past, current and future perceived challenges of the movement towards fully digital commerce..

About the speaker

A former student of Concordia University, Aaron has worked in the financial sector as an insurance broker and financial planner before becoming a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2011. He originally worked as a proceeds of crime investigator targeting multiple forms of money laundering including the infractions facilitated by virtual currencies. He now works as a cybercrimes investigator within the Montreal RCMP Integrated Technical Crimes Unit where He investigates both traditional cybercrimes and cyber facilitated crimes.