Distributed denial of government: the Estonian Data Embassy Initiative

Governments around the world are being increasingly trapped between progress to a digital state and the insecurity of cyberspace. Estonia has been a vanguard for development of a digital society in many ways by transitioning many services to digital technologies and also by being subject to assault by cyber weapons. Nick Robinson and Prof Keith Martin at the University of London provide some insight into some measures that Ukraine has developed to cope with this pressure such as the X-Road program and Digital Embassies. X-Road is an encrypted digital backbone for the country to provide a secured infrastructure for the country’s many digital services. Digital embassies is an international program designed to help ensure the preservation of the country by storing important cultural and other non-sensitive information at other locations around the world in the event of a disruption to (or disposession of the systems within the country.

An interesting and quick read if you are looking at nation state resilience efforts or some insights into the drivers for leading edge countries in digitization and digital defence strategies.



Robinson, N., & Martin, K. (2017). Distributed denial of government: the Estonian Data Embassy Initiative. Network Security, 2017(9), 13-16.