Mick Bhinder – Reinventing Identity Access Management

Presented at the SERENE-RISC Workshop Spring 2016

The discussion of cybersecurity is highly complex and struggles with the ever increasing rate of sophisticated cyberattacks and digital exploitation. Cybersecurity continues to fall low in prioritization amongst executive management where there is a denial for a need of protection against such attacks. The discussion in today’s technological world needs to transition from a position of “if we get attacked”, to the reality of asking “when/how long ago were we attacked”, and “are we ready in case we get attacked next?”
IAmI presents a reinvention to Identity Access Management protocols. IAmI empowers users to identify and prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. The most revelling feature of this solution is that it takes place in real time, protecting both corporate and personal data. IAmI’s demonstration of its solution will allow participants to experience the potential it offers to any organization where data is managed and stored. Vulnerabilities exist across all industries ranging from health care, finance, corporate, government and education, to name a few. Experience how this groundbreaking solution can make a difference to your organization.
IAmI believes there is no one better to authenticate yourself than you.