DON’T PANIC. Making progress on the “Going Dark” Debate

With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Berkman Center
for Internet Society at Harvard University a diverse group of security and policy experts from
academia, civil society, and the U.S. intelligence community convened to discuss some of the difficult problems of surveillance and cybersecurity. This occurred at the time of public about “Going Dark” or the widespread adoption of encryption.


This report by project conveners Matt Olsen, Bruce Schneier, and Jonathan Zittrain summarizes the dicussions held:


They found:


  • End-to-end encryption and other technological architectures for obscuring user data are unlikely to be adopted ubiquitously
  • Software ecosystems tend to be fragmented.
  • Networked sensors and the Internet of Things growth has the potential to drastically change surveillance
  • Metadata is not encrypted, and the vast majority is likely to remain so
  • how we will protect individual privacy and security in the future?



Gasser, U., Gertner, N., Goldsmith, J. L., Landau, S., Nye, J. S., O’Brien, D., … & Schwartzol, L. (2016). Don’t Panic: Making Progress on the” Going Dark” Debate.