European Cyber Security Perspectives 2015

Through this collection of articles, we aim to share our different perspectives and insights, the latest developments and achievements in the field of cyber security, cybercrime investigations and cyber resilience. The work is multi-diciplinary in that it combines perspectives from Jaya Baloo the CISO of KPN, Henk Geveke Managing director defence safey and security at TNO, Wilbert Paulissen Head of Central Criminal Investigations Division of the National Police and Hans de Vries Head of National Cyber Security Centre.


Table of Contents

Trends to watch in 2015

Pest control
Heartbleed: Lessons learned from a broken heart

Yo, Trust me

Did you oss today?

CyberDawn, training for a cybersecurity crisis

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service GRX & A spy agency

Spotting the prowler

Shedding light on the Dark Web Ahead of the Threat Honeypots at KPN

Help, the app ate my password!