Canada’s growing community.

In the four years we have spent working across Canada we have had the pleasure of meeting many small groups and individuals working to make cybersecurity better.  The initiative, innovation and commitment at a community level is amazing.  There are groups of students and professionals, startup companies and community organizations that are doing amazing things.  Perhaps it is Canada’s extremes in terms of weather and distances but these groups are often overlooked or are forced to be self-reliant.  We would like to help to shine a light on the full extents of the cybersecurity community and its efforts.

We have begun a series of community organization profiles in order to help smaller and developing groups in Canada that are working to advance cybersecurity.

This effort is designed to help provide exposure for grassroots movements and smaller groups with resource limitations to identify and be identified by their peers.  Canadian cybersecurity efforts are affected by geography with the spaces between population centers serving to isolate and limit the groups forming and operating in those areas.  This series of profiles is intended to help those working with a local focus to be recognized nationally.  The profiles are provided primarily for non-for-profit organizations, NGOs, single operator, community-serving groups.

We want to talk to these groups so that we can better understand their philosophies and perspectives and help them to tell their stories.  We would like to be able to highlight a different group each week on Wednesdays.   We hope that through this effort groups can better connect with like minded groups or supporting organizations or reach out to learn from the experiences of others.  If you know of or are part of a group we should be reaching out to please reach out to us and help us to make contact.


We are community.